Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogs and Groups

Yesterday was a busy, on line day.  After posting the link to my scrappy group, a number of you responded.  So nice to get to know a bit more about you and connect the names with your follower name.  As each person joined, it was like taking a mini trip across Canada including the most northerly area.
The owner and moderators of this group hope to make it one where you feel at home, challenged as well as comfortable sharing your own triumph's and learning experiences.

It is going to be hard to get any work done today.  The sunny is shing so brightly that I want to just spend my time gazing out the window.  I will get out for my snowshoe walk later and look forward to hearing the sound of the snow as it responds to the freezing temperatures.

I am working on some maple leaf blocks that are for an exchange.  This swap  is the first I have done and is being run by another on line group.  I almost have them all finished.  I just need to add the bottom rows which include the stem and is a bit trickier.

Today is my husband's birthday.  We aren't doing anything special other than me cooking some of his favourite foods for supper.  On Friday, we are going to another community to see a concert which includes bagpipes and Scottish dancing.

I will post the link to the scrappy group once more in case you missed it yesterday:


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  1. Happy birthday to your husband! :-)

    You're *so* far ahead of me. I'm hoping to get my blocks done at a retreat next month (unless, of course, they're due much earlier. In which case I'd better get moving! LOL