Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Weather Warnings

We have a severe weather warning for a lot of Ontario-some for snow (us) and others freezing rain.  It is supposed to arrive tonight so we will have to wait and see how accurate the forecasters are.  I had to make a dental appointment and I figured Thursday looked safe.
I worked on my course today and got some sewing done.  I need to start thinking about my next Island Batik project but also finishing another charity quilt.
There never seems to be a shortage of things to do, is there.
I hope everyone had a blessed Easter weekend.  We went to hubby's sister where much of the family gathered.  It was a lovely day and it was nice to see how the great nieces and nephews had grown.  There are all lovely children; no fighting or teasing each other.
Of course, we were both tired yesterday from the long day and drive but I got to quilting and was able to put in a full day there.  Lately, I have had to leave at lunch to be home in time to watch the on line part of my course.
I hope the hydro stays on tomorrow but, if not, I have a book to read.

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