Thursday, April 5, 2018

Merry April

We had a bit of a snowfall yesterday.  There was at least 2 feet of snow that I had to remove from the front and side of the car so I could move it this morning.  Our driveway hadn't been plowed so hubby led the way down the driveway in the van as we both had appointments.
When I got back, the plow guy still hadn't been I got about half way and then shovelled tracks for the tires so I could get to the house.  Hubby came home about half an hour later and later that day the driveway was plowed.
I took this photo this morning.  It really looked lovely out but I enjoy it more in February than April.  Hopefully, it doesn't last so we can get on with gathering our sap.
I finished a couple of small sewing projects in between other stuff today.  I am certainly not quilting as much as I normally do but things are getting done.

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  1. Yeah, this beautiful snowfall is definitely appropriate for February, not April!!