Friday, April 13, 2018

Ready for the Mud.

I have been working on a Jo Morton pattern which is, basically, 3 rows of flying geese divided by plain strips.  A friend really likes her patterns and after I looked through one of her books, I can see why.  The patterns themselves (at least in the book I have) aren't unusual but her instructions are very easy to follow.  I am going to order another book.  This one is appliqued flower blocks.  She uses the same applique methods as I do which makes it even nicer.
I am still plugging away at my web course.  I am finding it easier now although I still run into bits that make me wonder why I am doing this.
The sap has finally started running in our maple bush and hubby thinks we may have 60 gallons so far.  That isn't much but it is a start.
I got a lovely handmade birthday card from the grandchildren this week which will be added to the others.  It is so wonderful having grandchildren.  I didn't understand the reaction of other grannies before but now I am bragging just as much as anyone else.
Hope you aren't in an area that is predicted to get the freezing rain.  I am ready for the mud of spring.

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  1. Yay for the sap running.....finally!!! Spring is a long time coming this year and winter is reluctant to let go of it's grip on us. A day or two of 70 degree weather followed by snow and rain. I'm ready for the warm and I'll happily join you trudging through the mud!