Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Yellow Duck.

We recently bought a little solar powered water fountain for the birds.  The tub that hubby uses for boiling the maple syrup was just the right size for our bitty water feature but I thought it needed a bit of colour.  I added the family of ducks when we got back from shopping yesterday.  Heidi went out with me when I put them in the water.  I guess she thought they were for her because she started walking around the tub, bumping it with her nose and barking.  She wanted the duck but  because she was afraid of the water, she couldn't reach in and get it.  Every time she would work up the nerve, the water spurted.  Hubby and I thought it was quite funny but I don't think Heidi agreed.
It was quite a bit cooler today than yesterday.  Enough so that we had the heat on in the van when we went in for the mail.  It was tempting to start the wood stove but a long sleeved shirt was sufficient to keep the shivers away.
Why is it that we always think that 'next week' will be less busy that the one we are in?  I have been looking forward to the end of the weekend as I wouldn't have any more scheduled activities for a bit.  And then I looked at my calendar.  I have appointments every day next week.  Fortunately, none are for the whole day so I will still get my quilting done.  I know that there are many people who would be happy to change my 'problems' for theirs so my fussing isn't serious.
Long weekend coming up in Canada and then the children are back to school. 

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