Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Heard a Loon

I love the sound of a loon.  Like the beaver and maple leaf, the loon's call, to me, means  Canada.  I was up a bit earlier than usual this morning and was standing on the back step while waiting for the dog to do her thing when I heard our resident loon go past.  We have a mating pair that use our pond as their bedroom.  In the daytime they are off to more exciting places (I heard their departure), but as evening approaches, they are back to the peace and solitude of the back woods.  Lucky me.  I get to stay here all the time.
I have been working on a doll's outfit which is the last item to be completed for the fall fair.  I don't normally like fiddly things but I do enjoy making doll clothes.  I generally add embellishments such as bells or rhinestones to give them a touch of pizzaz. I always use a purchased pattern for these although I do change them somewhat. 
Speaking of patterns, have you noticed that on the right side of the blog there is a list of links to various sites.  One of them is for free patterns which can be used if you are making a quilt for charity.  Most quilters donate to various non profit organizations and I am pleased to help them do so.
I would love to see a photo of your version of the pattern.

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  1. Our loons didn't return to the pond this year. It was heart breaking. We were up to Rosseau Lake and then Killarney, didn't see or hear a single loon. What is going on with our beloved birds.