Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fluff Balls

I am out this evening as I was yesterday so thought I would jot done a few thoughts now.  After a wonderfully sunny and warm day on Tues, it is supposed to rain again today  right now, it is fine so I went out and cut a few flowers for the house.  The birds were singing all around me and I could hear the bees amongst the wildflowers.  Happy sounds of the day. 
Just as I finished getting the flowers in a vase, hubby came home from a trip to the village where he picked up our delivery of baby chicks.  It is hard to believe these day old balls of fluff will soon be big enough to lay eggs and forage amongst the weeds and grass around their coop.  I took a photos so you can see just how tiny they are.

Yesterday, I made the top for a fidget quilt.  First attempt at one of these and it was rather fun.  I used 25 charm squares to make a five by five top.  I didn't want it to be big as it is for a young child.  I have a few odds and ends to add and then will just sew around sandwich and turn right side out before quilting.  Easiest and sturdiest method of holding everything together.

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