Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Where Did the Time Go?

Last week rather got away from me.  I was out most days and a couple of the evenings as well so didn't get a post done.  The next couple of weeks won't be much better but I will try and write a bit each day.
Our weather has changed again and we are back to rain and wind as well as cooler temperatures.  I don't mind it being cooler.  It makes so much nicer for getting things done both inside and outside the house.
I made a dozen muffins late last week and cooked them in my electric skillet.  I put a rack on the bottom, sat the muffin pan on top, and replaced the skillet lid.  They cooked beautifully and were, in fact, moister than usual  because of the steam generated.  I am going to try cookies next.
It is nice to be able to do a bit of baking without heating up the house.
I have almost finished the T shirt quilt and am pleased with how it looks.  I won't be posting a photo until after the customer sees it but I think she will like it.
Hope your week was less busy than mine.

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  1. I think it is so neat that you shared about making muffins in your electric pan. I did something similar last week when I did not want to turn on the oven. I mixed up an apple pudding and put it in a greased pie tin; set it in the electric pan and put some boiling water in the pan. Put the lid on and cooked my pudding. Came out beautifully.