Thursday, June 8, 2017

And Then the Snow Flies

Today has been one of those wonderful late spring days we have been waiting for.  Still buggy but it is getting less now that the dragonflies are arriving.  We have learnt to tell what is going to happen by the arrival of various factors: blackflies come with the trilliums and go when you have a few days of really hot weather.  Mosquitos come a week or so after the blackflies and stay most of the summer but lessen considerably when the dragonflies arrive.  Deerflies come in the fall and stay until the snow flies.
I took Heidi into the village with me today and, after I went to the Post Office, we went for a nice long walk up and down the main street.  It was good to get out in the fresh air without bug hat, jacket and foul smelling spray.
I have just started adding the sashing to my baby blanket and it is turning out alright.  Kinda of funky looking.
There was a story on the news this evening about an elderly gentleman (early 90's) who just graduated from a university History course.  I have been thinking for some time about taking an on line course and decided to see what was available.  I signed up for one on understanding coding and designing web pages.  Really would have been better to do this in the fall but I have 7 days to try it out.  If I find I can't keep up, I will cancel and then start again later.

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