Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Good News/Bad News

The t shirt quilt is on its way to its owner.  I met the lady who was going to deliver it yesterday while on my way to the optometrist and handed it over. She was taking it to Toronto today.  The customer is away for a few days so won't see it right away  and I don't want to post the photo until she does.  Soon.
While at the optometrist, I mentioned that   my distance vision seemed to be improving and wondered why that might be.  I was told  that when a person is developing cataracts the improvement sometimes happens so-good news/bad news.  I knew I was getting to that stage though so it wasn't a surprise.
What happened later in the day certainly was.  Just before 7 .00 p.m. I kept seeing what looked like a hair strand or wisps of smoke like substance floating near the top of my head.  I couldn't figure out what it was and kept swiping at it.  Finally realized it was my eyes.  Off to the optometrist again today, somewhat concerned about what was happening.
Apparently, the liquidy ball that is behind the eye has a tendency to change shape as a person ages.  Mine had done so sufficiently that it pulled loose from one of the three 'tethers' (my word).  Nothing needs to be done unless certain symptoms occur and then it is immediate attention.
I am really tired tonight and, although I was supposed to be going out, I stayed home and will be going to be early.

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