Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rookie Mistake

It has been a long time since I lost information because I didn't save it first but today that is what happened.  I was filling out a skill test form and was almost finished when I clicked to close another program and lost everything.
To make matters worse, the test was on my computer knowledge and skill.  I had managed to answer a lot of questions about the PC itself and was feeling good about myself when I made the rookie mistake.  Fortunately, I did write down the info as I located it so next time around it should be quicker.
I am making good progress on the quilt as you go project.  I had some trouble with the top stitching part as my machine didn't like the interfacing.  I switched to the Juki and zipped through it. 
My partner in this job has had problems with her machine as well so I will do this part and she can sew the blocks together.
We got our TV working again this morning.  There was something wrong with one of the outside lines.  We wondered if one of the trees had grown enough to block the satellite so glad it wasn't that.  We do love living in a bush with 80 foot plus trees but once in a while they get in the way.
Took Heidi for a walk through the woods today.  Almost no bugs but I was concerned about ticks.  I checked her over after we got back and didn't see anything but will continue to watch.  Nasty things.

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