Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Paws Up

Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging comments on the quilt I posted yesterday.  I have just finished the hand quilting on a wall quilt in a similar style.  I think this is a rather neat idea that I have thought of and might make a few more quilt/card holders for Christmas gifts.
It has been a busy day as I had to drop off items to sell in two locations before heading south to do some shopping.  I met a friend for lunch and then finished up the last store before heading back home.  Tomorrow, I will do the finishing touches on the items for the craft sale.  I have a church friend who does lovely knitting and I have invited her to put some items on my table as well.  I find it is good to have too many things to sell rather than too few as you never know what someone will want.
The cold that I had seems to be clearing up but I am still having back problems.  It is hard to bend down as far as is necessary some times.  Our little Heidi is so low to the ground that getting her hooked to the lead so she can go out is a chore.  I have trained her to stand on her back legs with her front paws on my knee so I can reach her without as much effort.  She looks so cute when she does that and knows exactly what I mean when I say 'paws up'.  Pets give us so much pleasure, don't they?

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