Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Doddery Me.

We had a thunderstorm today.  It wasn't severe and   didn't last long but-a thunderstorm in November!  The hydro flickered on and off once so I was glad I had put the new surge protector in.  I need to get another for the sewing machine to protect it.
A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I thought I had thrown away the battery pack charger for my new camera.  I searched everywhere, couldn't find it so ordered another.  On Sunday, when I was getting some knitting needles from a trunk, I noticed the big camera case that was sitting beside it.  This is where I keep my old camera, extra lenses etc.  I looked inside and there was the charger. The new one arrives tomorrow and I think I will keep it.  It is good to have a spare when you get old and doddery!
I finished the binding on a table runner today and have almost completed the top of a wall quilt.  These are both for upcoming craft sales but I will be posting photos shortly-now that I have my camera battery charged again.

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