Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fog or Mist.

It has been quite a while since I have been so productive.  I finished another quilt today and will be doing a self binding on it.  Also added the binding to another and am finishing that by hand.  I won't be getting as much hand work done now that the baseball series is over but that is okay.  I really should start listening to podcasts and then I could sit in my cozy studio and do the hand work.  I have been trying to get more familiar with my little ipod so I can do that.  I do have some pod casts on it but I find that method of listening to be too fiddly.  Perhaps, I should just use my tablet.
It has been raining on and off today so I didn't get outside for my walk.  I always miss that.  Especially this time of year.  It is so lovely walking through the bush and looking at the carpet of leaves underfoot.  Now that the trees are bare, the sky is more visible as are the birds that are foraging for food.  We have had juncos at the feeder the past few days.  I think they are the prettiest birds in their black tuxedos.
It will soon be time to put our clocks back to regular time and it will be lighter earlier in the morning.  It was quite misty this morning while we were eating breakfast and I was thinking that, where it next week, I would have been outside take photos of the pond.  I love pictures of the mist rising off water.
Of course, if I am driving in it, it is fog, and not as much fun.

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