Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Favourite Season

Winter has arrived.  We went from plus 18 C one day to minus 3 the next.  Our hydro went out Sunday afternoon for a few hours but came back on in time for us to Skype with our grandchildren. 
I had to put Heidi's pink bootees on to take her for our walk today.  The snow was quite wet so I knew it was either the booties or a sit in the sink while I removed the snowballs from her legs when we got back.
We went down to the pond first.  It has a thin layer of ice covering it and, in places, it looks ripply which isn't surprising.  The wind on Sunday and throughout the night was fierce enough to be categorized as 'gale force so it is not a wonder that the power went out.  Our walk continued through the bush where I could see the tracks of deer and some smaller critter-probably a mouse or similar.
Hubby made sure the snow blower was going to start for when it is needed.  The shovel will be fine for now.
Looking forward to more days of being able to get outside, enjoy my favourite season and take lots of photographs.  In the meantime, here is one for the past.

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