Thursday, November 17, 2016

Patterns Found

I have started working on a scrappy quilt and why does that always seem to result in making more scraps.  I am doing a simple disappearing 9 patch and then, with the left over blocks, I will make some half square triangles.  I already have quite a few of those which I made from the cut off corners of another project.
While I was getting my cutting table organized to start these ideas, I found a few pattern ideas which I had sketched out some time ago.  And a number of mug mat patterns as well.  So, I think I am all
Scrappy Idea

set for projects for a while.  I am enjoying doing something new as I had been finishing up previously started quilts as well as doing craft sale items.  I am not sure what I will do with these quilts but I think they will be given to a charity.
The weather report sounds as though fall may be over by early next week.  Guess I  better get my winter clothes out.  I usually have that done by the end of October but there certainly wasn't any need this year.

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