Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wing Walking

I was looking at mid arm web sites today.  I have been wanting to get a machine with a bigger throat space for my frame and had narrowed it down to two models.  I wanted up to 16" of space (my current frame will handle that), needle up/down, speed control, stitch regulator and not need me to mortgage the house to purchase it. 
I have finally settled on Qnique made by the Grace Company.  I already have their frame so I know the machine will work on it.  There is a Canadian distributor ( and they have given me a good price so this is the one I will get.  I am going to add a few accessories: ruler base and rear handles.  I have been offered a discount on them as well so am pleased with the overall deal.
I will be placing the order in a week or so and am trying to not get overly excited in case something happens that I can't get it.
My quilting today consisted of cutting fabric for the border sections of the 365 challenge.  I hope to get them sewn together tomorrow.  I am beginning to feel as though I am never going to catch up but my schedule is easing a bit here so I may yet.
Saw the oddest sight today.  One of the little birds that had been eating the seeds that had fallen to the ground started using its wings to walk along the snow.  It got to the base of a shrub and burrowed into the snow.  I have never seen that before.

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