Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Practice Quilt Loaded

I got my first practice quilt loaded onto the frame to give Gracie a good workout.  I am feeling a bit nervous about starting but keep telling myself 'it is practice.  If I make a mistake, it doesn't matter.  I am only learning.'  Hard to convince myself though.  If it doesn't turn out to be too much of a disaster, it will be given to a friend.
I got my quilt room back to where I can see what I am doing again.  All the delivery paper, boxes, etc. was on the cutting table and I had to find somewhere to put them just in case anything had to be returned.
I got Skype set up on hubby's laptop so we can talk to the grandchildren.  We usually use the desktop but, as he hasn't fully recovered from his operation yet, it is easier if he sits on a proper chair.
My Island Batik fabric draw is coming to a close.  April 30th is the last day for you to enter.  Just add a comment to my blog (this one will do) and be sure to add your name.  Good luck

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