Friday, April 29, 2016

First Mosquito

Tomorrow is the big day when I make the draw for the Island Batik fabric.  I will post the name on Monday.
Finished the quilt I had on the frame and made some adjustments to the frame itself.  The machine is a couple inches longer than the space between the two rods so I had to turn the base that the machine sits on.  I have a carpenter friend who could make large end pieces for the frame but I think I will just get used to everything first. 
Hubby had his physio appointment today and he continues to improve.  He was advised to not going walking outside though as the ground is to uneven.  She was saying that one patient dislodged her new hip twice so he really does have to be careful.  Being diligent in doing his exercises and strengthening the hip muscle will also help greatly.
I see by the traffic that our summer residents are starting to return.  Also killed a mosquito today so summer is on its way,

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