Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Two at a Time

Our weather has been lovely and sunny the past few days and I have been enjoying walking through the bush with wee Heidi.  We had an exciting experience yesterday.  We were on the return trip when my eye was caught by something standing just a few feet away.  I was a large doe.  It stood there looking at us, it's huge ears twitching.  I stopped where I was and Heidi sat quietly beside me.  After a few, marvellous moments the deer bounded away and the dog barked.  I was surprised that she hadn't kicked up a fuss before that as she has a strong hunting instinct.
We have had quite a few deer around the property the past few days.  All of them look nice and healthy so I guess it was a good winter for them.
I loaded two quilts onto my frame on the weekend and am getting them done.  Yes, I did say two.  They are baby quilts and not very big so I decided to see if I could do both at once.  I placed the backing and batting onto the frame as usual except they were large enough for both quilts.  Then I sewed the tops together using a narrow strip between them.  They were then treated as one top, added to the frame and quilted.

I am quilting right across both using a cream thread and a loose meandering stitch.  The dark yellow is the joining strip.

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