Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Welcome to Gracie.

This is a picture of the new member of our family.  Her name is Gracie and she is sleek, stylish and surprisingly strong.  She is now comfortable in her new home on my frame and I have all the parts installed except for the rear handles and the ruler table.  The tension only needed a little adjustment and she sewed like a dream on my test sandwich.  I thought I would have problem with installing the stitch control and adjusting to using it but, after I figured out something that was designated with a list of letters and numbers was actually a screw, it went together easily.
I bought the machine from Qnique Quilter ( qniquequilter.ca) in Alberta and am very pleased with the service I received.  Susan was knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.  My order was sent right away and arrived in perfect condition.
I am looking forward to getting to know Gracie better in the coming days and really enjoying the quilting I am going to be able to do in all that additional space.

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  1. Now isn't she purrrrdy! Welcome home Gracie.