Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Something to Crow About

It was quite warm today but hubby and I got some yard work done to prepare for winter.  I checked back blogs and noticed that last year our first snow fall was Oct. 22.  It didn't stay though. We were into Nov. before we got anything that stayed on the ground.  I am hoping for a little later this year although I am looking forward to the winter season.
I had to replant some of my spring bulbs today as the squirrels dug them up.  I have added a bit more soil and then topped it with some branches.  If that doesn't work, I will spread chicken wire over the top.
I got back to work on my Trail Mix quilt this afternoon but first we did a bit of a shift around.  I got a nice little electric fireplace in the spring to add a bit of warm to my studio on the minus 30 days.  The problem was trying to find somewhere to put it.  It isn't big but it needed to be out of the way but also where it could plug directly into an outlet.  We finally placed it against the wall under my sewing table.  As this is where I spend the majority of my time and it is also near the cutting table, long arm frame and computer desk it should work out perfectly.
I will also be able to see the artificial flames when sitting in the chair near the window where I do my reading and hand quilting.  Therefore, I think we have another problem solved.
We picked up a new rooster on Saturday.  The hens were fighting a lot especially with the new younger ones and a rooster usually keeps them all in line.  He is six months old and just learning to crow.  We have missed that sound.

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