Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two Months on Saturday

My weekend was extended by a couple of days.  Some dear friends came for a visit yesterday and stayed over until after lunch today.  It was great catching up on news and showing off our property.  One of the ladies had been here before but it was a first time visit for the other two.  We had a great time and our little dog got enough petting and play time to last for a month.
I just finished another neck scarf order for a scout troop and it will be picked up tomorrow.  I can now get back to working on my scrappy quilt.  I don't like to change the thread when I am working with colour so I finish the project before going back to quilting and my usual white thread.  Silly, I know.  It isn't as though it takes half an hour to change thread.
It looks as though we may have a day without rain tomorrow.  I am doing a load of laundry tonight so I can hang it out in the morning.  I will have to move the bird feeder as it is hanging from the clothes line.  I am getting visits from a group of blue jays, nuthatches and various other birds already.  They are such fun to watch and will be more so when winter arrives.
Can you believe that Christmas is just over two months away?  I have a craft fair coming up early next month so better get at making some saleable items.

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