Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Spiritual Mice?

Well, I thought I would have the virtual retreat quilt top done today.  Last night, I worked until nine.  I knew I was getting tired so I just made sections but didn't sew them together in case my thinking wasn't as clear as I thought it was.  Turned out, I was correct.  I had some parts put together wrong so, out came the stitch ripper.  I have got to the point where I am now adding borders, which, fingers and eyes crossed should be done tomorrow. 
I mentioned a while ago that we had had a mouse problem.  We seem to have it solved but are still finding remnants of their residence.  Their chosen food was from a bag of bird seed that I was storing in the sun room until the winter and we have found it everywhere.  Today, I found another spot.  I have a reference Bible on the book shelves by the computer and when I picked it up to check something, outpoured the seeds. Who knew mice had a spiritual bent?

This afternoon I had an appointment at our municipal office as I have volunteered to be a Deputy Returning Officer for the election.  I have been a scrutineer and a municipal politician but never a DRO.  It is quite a bit of responsibility but I like politics and have absolutely no intention of being a politician again so this is a way I can contribute.
On the way back from the training session, I stopped in to visit my friend who had brought all the fabric to our quilt group meeting and, you guessed it, came home with another load.  This is dressmaking fabric so I will be busy later making some additions to my fall wardrobe.  Busy, busy.

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