Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blessed and Happy

I got quite a bit done today.  Did a little baking and then on to my studio where I spent a good bit of the day working on a scrappy project.  I am doing the blocks with the small pieces first so it is slow going right now but it is coming together.  I think this will be a charity quilt.  It depends on how big it turns out to be.  I am also taking part in a Virtual Quilt Retreat starting this Sunday.  We have been given the instruction for fabric amounts and cutting so I have that done.  I like that this event takes part over a few days because Sunday and Monday are both days when I am not home: Sunday church, Monday quilting.  This quilt may also be given away.
I took Heidi for a walk through the bush late afternoon.  Sometime, I get overtaken by feelings of depression.  No cause.  It just happens.  When it does, I find the best remedy is being outside.  A lot of the leaves in our maple bush are now on the ground so it was lovely walking through the colours and the crunching sound.  I just wandered around, not going anywhere in particular.  I took advantage of any opening in the brush but avoided the trail we had made through the property.  I like to explore new or less travelled areas and today we went along the edge of the wetland.  There was enough climbing over trees and up ridges that it was a good workout and I came back feeling happy and blessed. 
Tomorrow, is the second Fiction Friday so don't forget to check in for another quilt related story.

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