Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Snow's Comming

I got some sewing done today, finally.  I made a skirt and  some more blocks for another scrappy.  I also got a CD stuck in my player.  I had it out once and then tried in in another tray where it promptly got stuck again.  I think I may have to take the player apart.  Yuck.
My hubby has got a cold so I have been playing nurse today.  I readily admit I am not a very good one.  I do get him hot drinks and make sure he has whatever medication he needs but it isn't my natural bent.  Some people, like my sister-in-law, are very good at tending those who are either ill or elderly.  I'm not.  I don't know if I am missing a gene but it is not something that comes naturally to me.  Probably because I am rarely ill myself.  Fortunately, hubby understands and tries to recover as quickly as possible.
Snow is predicted for the middle of the province.  We might get a skiff but not likely much.  I have changed the photo on my computer to a winter scene to get myself mentally ready.  I do love winter.  Apparently, this year it isn't supposed to be as bad.  I am not disappointed by that as it was a tough season for many people.
The pond is quite high so if the ice is thick enough I may be able to skate on it this year.  There are enough dead trunks sticking out of the water that I should have lots of things to grab onto while learning how to keep the blades on the ice.
Fiction Friday tomorrow.  Hope you will join me.

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