Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Rustic Look

One side nearly done

This is the long side of the addition and, as you can see, it is approaching doneness.  I really like the rustic look and opted for leaving the knots and non straight edges.  Some of the planks even have a bit of bark on them. 
I had a bit of a mishap while getting one of the planks and tripped over a board.  I scrapped my right leg pretty badly but, brave soul that I am, after applying some ointment and a bandage, I soldiered on.  It is almost lunch time so I am taking a bit of a break while dear husband adds the trim to the roof edge.  thank goodness for leftovers because that is what our meals have consisted of this week.
We are taking the day off tomorrow while we check out the second hand places for flooring.  More photos to come


  1. Hi Anna,

    Your new addition looks great. Hope your leg heals quickly. Look forward to seeing more pictures soon.

    Enjoy the Thanksgiving weekend.


  2. Anna - I love the look of your siding - great choice!! Hope the leg heals quickly - that is never fun!! Enjoy your day off today and Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Lori S.