Friday, October 12, 2012

A Home for the Backwoods Quilter

My New Studio
 As you can see, the exterior of the addition is almost done.  the rest of the work; exterior trim, skirting, will probably wait until the spring.  I think it looks lovely.  Certainly a perfect home for the Backwoods Quilter.  I can't wait to start moving my things in.  That will happen at the same time as my husband takes over my old studio.
His former room will become the guest room and I am equally looking forward to decorating that for future company.
The second photo shows part of the interior.  Still lots to be done there.  We hope to be able to pick up the flooring tomorrow.  The wood bit you can see on the ceiling is where a support post is going.  We need to have two because of the snow load.  Roger is going to square them off with cedar planks.   Won't that smell wonderful?
The bottom picture, of course, has nothing to do with quilting but it has been a while since I posted a picture of Heidi.  She was patiently waiting for a chipmunk to show up so she could chase it.  That is
Inside-Still Lots to be Done
 her self imposed job: chipmunk hunter.
I Can't Chop Wood, I'm Too Little

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  1. Anna - what a beautiful space you will have!! I am so excited for you! Lori S.