Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fabric and Flooring

We got the floor and the support post finished in the addition today. Now I can start moving in some totes that have been taking up so much space in my quilt room  Another couple of weeks and I should be able to do a complete move; depending on the building inspectors report.
I have been putting together an order for Connecting threads.  If you need batting, they have really good prices: Hobbs 80/20 queen size for 20.00.  I buy a lot of my fabric from them as well.  If you live in the U.S. you get free shipping with orders over 50.00 and it is only 8.00 for the rest of us.
Usually, a few of the ladies in our quilt group share an order and the shipping price.
If you would like to check them out, the web page is:
I started making a dress last night.  If it turns out alright, I will use the same pattern to make my outfit for my nephew's wedding.  It is nice to be able to sew.  the fabric for this dress cost me $15.00!
Hunting season started in our area and we hear gun fire occasionally.  We have to remember to wear bright clothing if we go for a walk in the bush although no one should be that close.  However, what people should do and what they do do are often quite different.

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