Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Failed Recipe

How many panels do you have? No idea.  What about left over blocks?  Any idea how many you have stored in bags, tucked in a drawer or taking up space on your cutting table.  I couldn't answer either of those questions because they, like an embarrassing incidence from my past, are something I'd rather not think about.
However, the members of an on line group I help moderate, have been talking about uses for these panels we bought with such enthusiasm and then forgot. The suggestions ranged from totes to pillowcases, aprons to cushions.  All great ideas and ones I am going to put to use-eventually. 
When I get into my new studio, I will have to sort out all the panels and put them in a separate container.  If I also label it and include some ideas, perhaps, hopefully, I will use them.  I know I have some crib panels which are always great to have on hand.  I also have an advent panel and some smaller ones of sewing scenes, animals, and, I think, some cartoon characters.
My maple leaf quilt top is finally almost finished.  I thought I would get it completed at quilt group yesterday but, of course, I left some of the fabric at home.
I have been baking today.  I tried a new recipe for pumpkin cookies but I don't like it.  For some reason, the batter was sticky and the cookies taste the same way.  My molasses cookies and the bread turned out alright though.
We have started letting one flock of chickens roam free.  Their original owner only contained them at night so they are used to being out and come wandering back when it gets dark.  It is an interesting sight seeming them scratching around in the leaves and grass.  One of them found a juicy morsel yesterday and the rest decided she should share.  A lot of flying feathers and squawking resulted in nothing.  Reminded me of some people.

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