Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Time Needed

Today, my husband is picking up our turkeys from the butcher and I have to make room in the freezer.  We are going to cut most of them in half as, with just the two of us, a whole is too big.  We will probably have one for this Sunday's dinner.
I am working on my column for the On Line Quilt Pattern magazine and it is hard going.  My mind is on pumpkins that need cutting up and cooking, tile to the laid the the sun room part of the addition and the sunshine outside that is enticing me to go for a walk.
I think I will give in to the latter need after lunch.  We haven't been getting many days without rain recently so I should take advantage of the day.
I also have the corner blocks to finish on a quilt top so I can send it to a friend to be quilted.  This is the first time I haven't done that step myself but I want the result to be extra special and I really don't have time with everything else that needs doing.  I also want to get my scrappy heart quilt in the frame so I can get it done for the spare bedroom. 
I wonder how many hours in a day a person would need to do everything on the mental to do list.  The number would likely keep changing because, just as nature rushes in to fill a vacuum, so our projects grow to overflow the time available.
I better get back to the article if I am going to get it finished in time for lunch.  Enjoy your day.  If there are any flowers left in your garden, take time to smell them.

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