Thursday, October 25, 2012

Good News

I have taken advantage of the lovely weather today and hung my laundry outside.  I don't usually wash the clothes until Saturday when it is reduced hydro rates but I just couldn't resist.  I reasoned that using just the washer with cold water would, at peak rate, use less hydro than both washer and dryer at low rate.  The things we have to think about now.  In any case, I have clothes-and the fabric I got yesterday, on the line.
We have had good news today.  The building inspector has been, given his approval and left.  We can now finish the walls and ceiling and start moving in some of the stuff.  There has to be a final inspection once those last bits have been finished.  It does tend to go on and on but that results in a  Christmas like feeling each time a step is completed.
Speaking of Christmas, you do realize we only have 2 months until the big day, don't you? I haven't really thought much about gifts as we won't be here but I guess I better start planning a few items.

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