Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Steep Learning Curve.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We are having a non rainy day which, apparently, will be the only one for the week.  My husband is outside getting pre winter things done: moving a tree, making sure the mudroom roof doesn't leak etc.
I was thinking this morning about how many things he has had to learn since we moved here from the city.  Using both a chain and table saw, caring for chickens, building sheds, additions and steps, felling trees as well as knowing which are the best ones for firewood.  And, of course, the making of maple syrup. He has done well and, more importantly, is really enjoying it.
My work has remained essentially the same: cook, clean repeat.  Most of my adjustments has come from the distance of amenities.  Popping across the road for purchases has changed to a drive of at least 10 kilometers and, usually, quite a bit more.  Mail delivery and garbage pick up are a perk of the past but the lack of really isn't a hardship.
I am glad that even though we are well into the last half of our life that we are still healthy and flexible enough to enjoy the change.
I was expecting some friends coming for a visit this weekend but plans have changed.  Disappointing but there is, as Scarlett said, always tomorrow. I imagine we will now use the time to get the addition ready for final inspection and then, hallelujah, I can start moving.
A Moment's Rest

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  1. Love this post. We are transplanted city people as well.