Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wall Hangings and a Bad Dog

Here is the wall hanging that I have been working on.  I freehand stitched music symbols on the white and meandered on the black.  I think it has turned out alright.
We just got back from a quick trip to Huntsville to buy some stuff for our trip.  When we got home and in the house, we saw that the dog have eaten the top from one of my sandals and much of one moccasin.
She used to chew everything in sight when a pup but hasn't done that in a long time.  We are going to have to put her back in her house again when we go out.
To add insult to injury, one of our reasons for the trip was to get a supply of dog food and treats!  She won't be getting any of the latter for a bit.

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