Friday, May 7, 2010

Robins and Swans

We have been trying to teach our little dog Heidi to curtail her barking and she has gradually been getting better.  However, she still likes to warn us of any lurking dangers.  This morning, just as we were getting up, she ran to the window barking furiously.  It took a few minutes of searching before my husband was able to see what was causing her alarm.  A robin searching for worms had landed nearby!
I am not sure what Heidi's reaction would have been if she had been with us a few years ago.  Roger and I were just returning from a motorcycle ride in the country.  It was late afternoon and we were looking forward to getting out of our gear and having a cup of tea.  As we went past a field, the sky darkened and I thought perhaps we were in for a rain shower.  When I looked up, I saw an amazing sight.  The sky was filled with birds.  We both pulled over to the side of the road and stopped.  Their wingspan was enourmous and created a canopy over our heads as they gathered in great swirling columns as far as we could see.  At first, we thought they were geese although they didn't make the right sound, then as they came lower, we realized they were wild swans.  We stood there and watched as they desended like a multitude of webbed angels.  They landed on a pond and the surrounding fields,took off, regrouped, landed again and finally settled.
I have been to conservation areas during migration season and never have I seen such a glorious sight.  I will never forget it.

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