Thursday, May 13, 2010

Apologies and Patterns

Hello all.  Sorry I have been so lax in my blogging this week.  The past two weeks have been unusually busy with this one being the worst.  Yesterday I was away all day spying out another community.  Our village is doing an exchange of ideas with another of similar size and location.  We send a team to their community and check out the pros and cons, they do the same for us and we have a meeting where all is presented.  The process is to help us see ourselves through the eyes of outsiders and make the changes that will present a better facade to tourists.
I went with another lady on our committee and we had a great day getting to know each other better while shopping, eating and being nosy. I even found a quilt store. We got home in the early evening tired but feeling that we had done a good job.
On Tuesday, I picked up my Little Gracie.  That is the model name of my new quilt frame.  At the moment, she is sitting unassembled in my quilt room.  I am itching to try it out but have so many other things to do first.
Here is a little scrap user pattern for you.
Fridge Magnet:
Materials Needed:
Small magnet (or buy a magnet strip and cut off pieces)
Scraps of fabric or small left over blocks
Small piece of batting or polyester stuffing.

Sew fabric together to make a square approx. 3" X 3".  Place another piece the same size on top, right sides facing.  Sew around 3 sides.  Turn right sides out, put magnet in pocket.  Put batting or stuffing between magnet and top side.  Stitch opening closed.
I made one of these with black on one side and white on the other.  I omitted the batting as I wanted both sides to stick to the surface of my dishwasher.  When there are dirty dishes in the washer, the black side is facing out.  If they are clean, I reverse it.  A handy reminder.

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