Friday, May 21, 2010


I have mentioned blackflies a few times and it occurred to me yesterday that perhaps you have never seen one.  Here is a photo of a blackfly ready to attack.  They fly around in hordes like kamakaze pilots and nothing seems to deter them.
After a few seasons, you get used to them but, when they are really bad you feel like a prisoner in your home.  Fortunately, this year has been better than the last two, partly, I think, because it is warmer and less rainy.

Just in case you think that living in the backwoods has caused me to lose my mind; this is acutally a wild tom turkey.  He and a couple of females wandered through yesterday and he wanted to make sure we knew that the women belonged to him!
This might be my last regular post until we return from our holidays.  I am taking my lap top so will write something when I have internet access.  If you are on the road this weekend, please remember that a few seconds of rushing can result in a lifetime of pain.  Take your time, enjoy the scenery, relax.  A bad day travelling is better than a good day being attacked by a blackfly!!

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