Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We will be leaving for our trip to Edmonton a week today.  I am getting the last of my sewing jobs finished, car has been serviced and we will do some shopping on Thursday.  Monday is packing and getting the house cleaned.
There is always so much preperation to do whether you are going camping for the weekend or taking a trip to another country.  The anticipation of the holiday gets you through it all but I often wonder why more people, ourselves included, don't holiday at (or closer to) home.
I mentioned in a previous post that our community is taking part in a First Impressions exchange with another village.  The idea being to record your reactions to various aspects-schools, shopping, industry etc.  Last night we had a meeting where our group put together the reports for presentation to the other community.
The experience has helped me see our home differently and thinking that it would be a good exercise for everyone to pretend to be tourists in their own community.  If you have public transit, use it.  Take it to the downtown area, walk to the tourism center and pick up some brochures.  Check out your hiking trails, museum (very few residents have been to their own museum or art gallery) and any other attractions. Pick a place to eat just by looking at the exterior.  Look at real estate ads and pick out a house that meets your requirements.  If possible, pretend you are someone who is moving to your community and go to look at the home.  Is there a school, church, park, shopping close by.
You may even want to book into a motel and continue to explore the next day but even if you just spend a few hours, you will gain a new appreciation for your home.  Or, you may see some areas that need changing (if you had been in a wheelchair would you have been able to enjoy the same things) and become the voice that makes a difference.
Your holiday at home could have far reaching results or just give a day of relaxation.  In either case, you won't have had to do a lot of preperation, or spend vast sums of money.
Of course, if your grandchildren or other family members live in another province, you are still going to have to take that trip so I better continue to get ready.

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