Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Restless Night

Yesterday evening, Heidi spotted something outside which sent her into a frenzy.  We had a hard time getting her settled down.  Roger even took her outside so she could see that what ever had caused her to sound an alarm had been frightened off.  She continued to be 'on guard' all night and periodically would let off one warning yap. 
It is so nice to be protected by a small, furious watchfluff but it is even nicer to be able to enjoy a restful night.
I am just finishing a wall hanging for a lady-think I told you about it.  It consists of four handpainted blocks  which I have joined with black sparkly fabric.  It is quite effective and I am pleased with the look.  I am even going to do the binding in the same fabric so the main focus is the blocks.  I will post a photo when finished.
I have a pair of black dress pants that are too short.  I am seriously considering adding the black glitter to the hem.  Should keep people's eyes away from my ever thickening middle!
Hot day today with a high UV so we will probably be indoors for most of it.  The gazebo will be a welcome spot as it catches the breeze.  I can hand stitch the quilt binding in there.

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