Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh, My

A little background and then some news to share.   
I have always hoped that I could have a small home business of making custom quilts and it looks as though that is happening. It seems that each week brings a new customer.
 I mentioned previously that I had been given a mid arm sewing machine which has been a big help in doing the top stitching on large quilts.  Of course, being human, I was always looking at the next step.  A little explanation for those of you that don't quilt.  Sewing machines come in different sizes.  The arm (space where you sew) can vary from just a few inches to 18 or more.  The larger sizes make it easier to handle a lot of fabric.  Of course, as you can imagine, it is still a bit of a job manouvering something that is three heavy layers and can be100 inches square.
When the long arm sewing machines were created, so too was a special table or frame that held the machine and the quilt.  I won't go into details other than to say this is what projessional quilters have and most of the rest of us want.
Which brings me to my news: I have been offered one of these frames.  The same lady that gave me the machine decided she can't manage to stand long enough to use the frame.  I am getting it for an unbelievable low price.
I really thought, because of the cost, that I would never own either item and now I will have both.  I don't have anywhere to put it at the moment but I can just move things and set it up when I have quilts ready.  In any case, if God can provide me with a machine and table, He can provide the space.  I know that many would put all this down to co-incidence or perhaps my charming personality, but I prefer to believe that Someone who cares about me is blessing me.
With this table, and as I get experienced, I can not only finish quilts faster but can take on top stitching jobs from other quilters.  I am, as I am sure you will understand, thrilled.

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  1. How wonderful! You will have fun with that!!