Friday, April 1, 2016

Moving Forward

Another busy day but I think we are starting to get into a routine of what has to be done and when.  A friend from church came over and did a few of the heavier chores which was a big help.  I am going to need to not try to do everything.  My main job is to see hubby gets what he needs to get better.
I am managing to get at least one block of quilting done each day so am staying, almost, current with the daily block challenge.
I have a to do list and the things on it are also almost done.  I do have those crib quilts that need to get in the frame so will put that on the top of the list for tomorrow
I also want to take a photo of some of the blocks I have been doing to show you the different methods the challenge designer is using.
The latest issue of the Quilt Pattern Magazine arrived in my in box today and I have printed a pattern from it that I would like to try soon. It is called Serape Quilt designed by Nancy Noah.  The quilt looks like the colourful blankets that are often used as part of Latin American décor or draped over someone's shoulder.  I think it will be fun to do and would make a lovely housewarming gift for someone.
Have a nice weekend.  We are still getting the odd snow flurry but the temperatures are definitely warmer.

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