Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One Third of the Cost.

I gave myself a snow day today and just sewed.  I took time off to eat and take Heidi for a walk but the rest of the time I stayed at the machine.  I finished making the top and then the quilting on the wall hanging I have been working on.  I got the binding sewn on just before  supper and have started the hand sewing part.  All in all, I have spent about 6 hours sewing.  I figure there has to have been well over 20 hours in designing and making the top.  That comes to 26 hours-minimum.  If I pay myself ten dollars an hour which is less than minimum wage the cost of the wall hanging is $260.00 before I even add in the fabric, batting and thread.  Overhead costs such as heat, hydro,  property taxes etc. would bring the value of this one little wall hanging to somewhere just under $400.00
Amazing!  If I am  fortunate, I will get about 1/3 of that cost.
Good thing I really like quilting.


  1. Most people have no idea the time that goes into a quilt. I don't keep track of time when designing--it's too depressing knowing how many patterns have to be sold to even break even on that aspect of it!
    Yes, it's a very good thing we like quilting (can't imagine life without it!)

  2. I had a difference of opinion with a client over pricing for three quilts I made for her for Christmas gifts. She just doesn't get it....