Wednesday, January 11, 2017

An Early Night

It was so windy last night that it kept waking me up.  Normally, I find the extremes of nature exciting . However, when you live in a bush surrounded by trees that are at least 80 feet tall,  the threat of one of them toppling onto your roof can be unsettling.  Hubby does try and keep any dodgy ones cut down but you can't always tell if one is dying especially in the winter when there aren't any leaves to give a hint.
I woke to find that the hydro had gone off.  I had a meeting in the village in the morning and didn't know if the hall was similarly affected.  Before I had a chance to phone, I got a call saying the meeting had been cancelled.  I am glad we have kept one phone that isn't a portable as it usually works even when we don't have power.
We had planned on going to Huntsville after my meeting to shop so we were able to go earlier.  We also planned on going to the area Hospice to see a friend.  When we got there, we found that he had passed away earlier in the morning.  We knew that his time was probably short but it was still a shock. I feel emotionally drained tonight so I think it will be early to bed.

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  1. We have had a HUGE pine tree fall on our house! It destroyed our truck and poked a big hole in the roof, breaking some rafters. The insurance company got onto it right away. We took advantage of the big hole and threw a few more dollars at the project to give us a nice dormer. Still, not something I relish going through again. We now only have one tree big/close enough to cause that kind of damage, but it's on the east side of the house, with winds rarely coming from that direction.