Friday, January 6, 2017

A Bargain Price

I have spent most of today making a rooster.  He is for my latest quilt and I finally got him finished half hour ago.  I did have him all done earlier in the afternoon, including sewing to the background, and then decided I didn't like where he was.  As I had used a zigzag stitch to attach this fine fellow, it took a while removing them.  I am glad I took the time, however, as he looks a lot better in the new place.  Now I have to trim the background, add borders and get it quilted.
I have a couple of items for sale and both are a great bargain. If you like making hexagons, you will love the perpetual calendar with 365 six inch blocks by Katja Marek.  Each block includes a placement diagram, photo and full sized templates.  The original cost was 23.99 U.S. but I am offering it at $15.00.  I only have one of these left.
I also have 2 zero centre measuring tapes.  These are designed to be used on a long arm table to keep your quilt sandwich centred.  The centre of each tape has a zero and the numbers starting at 1 on either side and go to 72 on either end.  The other side of the tape is the usual type. Only $12.00 each.
It has been quite cold here today with snow squall warnings,  which, fortunately, we didn't get. 
Have a safe weekend. Contact me via the comment area if you are interested in the items that are for sale.


  1. Gee i never noticed you said comment i sure, if you still have it would like to buy the calendar

  2. Hi Do you still have this Calendar ?If so i would like to buy it.