Friday, September 16, 2016

Strange Dog.

A few weeks ago, we changed our horrible living room rug for laminate.  We love it but wee Heidi isn't so sure about it.  Whenever she gets her milk bone, she carries it to the hall where it is still carpeted.  No sure if she thinks she is supposed to eat her treat on soft flooring or what.  I did want to get rid of all the carpeting but I guess I will have to leave the hall.
She does a similar thing as the snow melts.  She goes to wherever there is still some snow to do her bathroom duties.  She keeps moving from place to place until she is perched on the last little bit.  When it has gone, she goes back to doing it anywhere her rope reaches.
I started quilting my customers top today.  It is going well but my thread keeps shredding.  It is a new needle, it is threaded correctly and the tension is good so not sure what is wrong.  Changed the thread without any improvement. 
I just finished doing two quilts without any problem so it is odd that it has started acting up.  I will go through the check list tomorrow.  Tonight, I am working on my next Island Batik project.
Have a great weekend.