Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Birds, Birds, Birds

It seems that after eight plus years we would have seen most things that happen here in the backwoods.  Not so.  As we were eating supper this evening, hubby noticed a flock of birds gathering along the area where our property joins with the neighbours.  That, in itself isn't unusual.  We live in the bush and trees are where birds live.  This flock, however, was made up of a number of varieties of birds.  There were downy and redheaded woodpeckers, blackbirds, a flicker and the usual wrens and sparrows.  With the exception of the woodpeckers, there were all on the ground in little moving groups.  We assumed there was something that attracted them all-bugs, seeds, berries but couldn't see what it was. It seemed to cover a fairly large area including around the rear of the van.
The birds stayed for 20 minutes or so and then all took off.
I put some seeds in one of the feeders today so the migrating birds can have a quick meal.  I don't like to put the feeders out this time of year in case it attracts bears but I think our yappy dog will keep them away.  Our neighbours have seen them but we haven't. 
Another few days and I should be able to start talking fall photos.

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