Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Search Engine Woes

I have just spent an hour searching for a vest pattern for a young girl that was either knitted or crocheted.  There are lots of them but the search engines are the pits on all the sites.  Put in 'girl's vest' and you get patterns for dog, doll, people of all ages as well as for scarves, hats and anything else a person might wear.  The tedium of searching through pages and pages of patterns is bad enough.  The ordeal is compounded by the designers using needle sizes for only one country and often not either Canadian or U.S.  One didn't even give the needle size in the write up.  Frustrating.
I did purchase one but I will probably wait until I am at a store and try again.
There is a lesson for all of us who sell patterns and to those who have web sites. Give all the information needed on your cover page and, preferably in a manner that most customers can understand i.e. sizes in metric and imperial.  Make your search engine more accurate.  I don't have either the time or the patience (especially the latter) to search through over a thousand pages for the privilege of buying something from you.
There! Now I feel better.  I will send the worst offender an email tomorrow.
Sat outside with hubby today and finished doing the binding on my table runner.  It was a lovely fall day.  We are just starting into the season so should get to do this a few times more.

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