Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How Could I have Forgotten That?

You know you are getting old when....
Contrary to what some people may think about small communities, there are many opportunities to promote and sell your work as an artist.  Last year, I took part in a Christmas show and sale in Sundridge-a village just north of us.  This year, I am submitting the wall quilt that won first prize to another show that take place a bit further north in South River.  (There are 3 villages, including ours, fairly close to each other of approximately the same size and there is a lot of to and froing between them.)
That decision brought a mini panic.  I had to send information on the quilt to one of the co-ordinators.  I had it all written down in my quilt journal but I couldn't find the quilt.  I looked where it should be, where it shouldn't be and a couple more places where it couldn't possibly be and then back to the first location.  I did find the prize ribbon which was odd because I didn't remember taking it off.  I was beginning to think it had been stolen.  Common sense told me that a thief would have take a lot of others items before the quilt unless, of course, it was a robber with a fine tuned artistic sense.
I finally asked hubby to double check the places where I had looked.  As he was doing that, I realized where it was.  I had taken it to the Art Centre to sell.  Honestly.  How could I have possibly forgotten that?  I have now made a notation in my journal and that it will be going to ArtScape.
We all went for a walk through the bush today and noticed that the top of the maple trees are definitely changing colour.  Autumn days are here again.

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