Thursday, September 8, 2016

A Nice View

It is nice to feel well enough to be getting my work done again.  The customer quilt that is on the frame is almost half done, I finished hemming the communion cloths for church and did a few other odds and ends.  I also have a lovely new view.
For some time, I have been thinking of cutting a hole in the back of my computer stand so I can see down the road.  I did that yesterday and am really pleased.  The hole is about 6 X 8 and big enough that I can look all the way down the road so any vehicle coming up the driveway will be seen even before the dog starts to bark.  The other benefit is I am able to rest my eyes easily by just looking above the monitor.  Right now, I can see the trees putting on the lovely red fall coats.  A beautiful sight and well woth the effort it took to achieve it.
It has been a really muggy day here again but it is cooling nicely now.  Tomorrow I am going into the village to hang some more quilts at the art centre.  Will also be meeting a friend for a cup of tea.  I am still only able to have liquids or my meals so no treats for me.

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