Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Block

Vintage Tiles Revisited
Design by Dorothy Baker
I finished this block last night.  I still have to add the embroidery but will wait until I have all the blocks done.  I am really enjoying these blocks as they are challenging enough to be interesting but not so much to scare me away.
Have you heard the arsenic warning for rice? I get so irritated with all these food dangers and they are invariably for something that those with lower incomes depend on.  A plot by the wealthy??  I am kidding, of course, but doing so out of frustration with the lack of government control over foods that are imported.  Why oh why do we not have better labelling so we can judge if we want to buy a certain product?
That is my rant for today.  I am now going back to making my cabbage roll casserole that contains rice.

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